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Sports Fields

The construction of sports fields is a broad concept. Gebr. Van de Ven specialises in the installation of foundations for artificial grass fields. We use a unique rubber underlay for this called an E-layer. Over ten years ago, we were the first company in the Netherlands to apply this layer. Thanks to the E-layer’s tremendous success, we have been able to install it in many sports fields in the Netherlands as well as abroad.


When it comes to installing an underlay it is important to be future-oriented, because after approximately 10 years an artificial grass field will need to be replaced. Recently, we personally developed a machine that allows us to remove the infill from the artificial grass mat on site and store it in so-called ‘big bags’. This way the infill can be reused in new mats or transported to a waste processing company for recycling. The old artificial grass mat is then rolled
up – a process for which we use specially designed attachments for our own loader. Subsequently, the mat is transported to a certified waste processing company for recycling.

We have also developed special sideboards that can be installed around hockey fields. The sideboards are made from the same material as the E-layer. As a result, the sideboards have a sound-damping effect and – an extra-added advantage – they will last longer than the traditional wooden boards.

For more information click on “sportvelden” to view the projects we have carried out so far.

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